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Confidently handle conflict

The average manager spends 35% of his or her time
dealing with workplace conflicts.

(That’s almost TWO DAYS per week…)

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  • It’s hurting morale.

    It’s lowering your team’s and your organization’s productivity.

    It’s wasting valuable time & energy.

    It’s causing employee turnover.

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    Conflict is a part of every organization. Every time people attempt to live, work, or play together, conflicts will develop. And workplace conflict that is handled ineffectively is toxic. It promotes distrust, destroys morale and hurts productivity. Conflicting opinions can turn into personal dislike; teams break down and talent is wasted as people become disengaged.

    Many people avoid conflict simply because they don’t feel adequately equipped to address it.This can be particularly costly in organizations where unresolved conflict has a devastating impact on productivity and relationships.

    However, conflict itself is not necessarily a bad thing. In many cases, effective conflict resolution can result in a positive outcome and can lead to personal and professional growth.

    People who build confidence in their ability to successfully navigate conflict learn how to move conflict from confrontation to resolution. They know how to get results and preserve relationships.

    You can be one of those people. The good news in conflict is that you can learn both the skills and the mindset to have true conflict confidence. You can be the person to effectively navigate the stormy waters of difficult conversations.

    Conflict Confidence isn’t just another conflict management training course. Developed by Guy Harris, a Certified Human Behavior Specialist and Master Trainer, Conflict Confidence starts by focusing on what conflict is – diagnosing each type of conflict, so you can better choose the right resolution strategy.

    Then, in just 2 days, you’ll learn how to recognize the causes of interpersonal conflict and become aware of (and avoid) triggers that create explosive situations. You’ll learn practical strategies that promote assertive communication and help move you swiftly to conflict resolution, ultimately increasing your success both personally and professionally.

    When you attend the Conflict Confidence workshop, you will learn important conflict resolution skills and enjoy a calmer, more relaxed atmosphere where people get along and get things done! You will also learn:

    • How to identify and overcome your personal barriers to successful conflict resolution.
    • What triggers and escalates conflicts.
    • What you can do to safely de-escalate conflicts.
    • How Conflict styles affect the course of conflict and strategies for using your conflict style for maximum impact
    • The power (and danger) of assumptions
    • Practical strategies and techniques to resolve conflicts.
    • How to keep your cool when the conversation gets hot.
    • The role of emotions in conflict and how you can use that knowledge to get to resolution
    • Six communication principles to make your messages more powerful and persuasive
    • The Seven Deadly Sins of Conflict Resolution
    • Tips and techniques to build your conflict confidence.

    “Because I wasn’t confident, I avoided it.”

    Guy’s got a confession about conflict and chances are, you can relate…

  • Agenda

    Day One

    8:00 – 9:30 am……..Understanding Conflict

    • What is conflict?
    • Why people lack conflict confidence
    • The cost of unresolved conflict


    9:40 – 10:50 am……..Diagnosing the types of conflict so that you can pick the right resolution strategy

    • Destructive vs. Constructive
    • Chronic vs. Acute
    • Levels of conflict


    11:00 – 12:00 pm……..Understanding the role of emotions in conflict and how you can use that knowledge to get to resolution.

    • How conflicts escalate
    • The leverage point for de-escalation

    12:00 – 1:15 pm……..Lunch (on your own)

    1:15 – 2:40 pm……..Building Blocks of Conflict Confidence

    • Developing the mindset needed for successful conflict resolution
    • The power (and danger) of assumptions
    • Control what you can, influence who you can


    2:50 – 3:55 pm……..Understanding Conflict Styles

    • How Conflict styles affect the course of conflict
    • Strategies and tips for using your conflict style for maximum impact
    • How to read another person’s conflict style


    4:05 – 5:00 pm……..Six communication principles to make your messages more powerful and persuasive

    • What to say and how to say it to move others from anger to resolution

    Day 2

    8:00 – 9:30 am……..Review Day 1 – Continue Communication Principles & Application and Assertive Communication strategies

    • Understanding the critical difference between tact and avoidance


    9:40 – 10:50 am

    • How to effectively confront other people’s bad behaviors
    • How to keep your emotions in check and communicate effectively when you are stressed


    11:00 – 12:00 pm……..Moving to Resolution

    • The Seven Deadly Sins of Conflict Resolution

    12:00 – 1:15 pm……..Lunch (on your own)

    1:15 – 2:30 pm

    • Practical de-escalation strategies
    • Application exercises


    2:40 – 3:50 pm……..How to apply a conflict resolution process to move from conflict to resolution


    4:00 – 5:00 pm

    • Application Exercises
    • Final Q&A and Review
  • Upcoming Events:

    Seattle, WA

    June 17 – 18, 2014

    Venue to be determined.

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    Las Vegas, NV

    October 14 – 15, 2014

    Venue to be determined.

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    Atlanta, GA

    November 12 – 13, 2014

    Venue to be determined.

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    Enrollment Fees & Group Discounts

    Registration Fee: $895 (includes 2 live group coaching sessions post-workshop*)

    Group Discounts: When 3 or more enroll from your organization, save $100 per registration. Call 317-759-3171 for more details and to register your group.

    *We know what you’re thinking: One workshop won’t cut it. And we agree.

    We understand that one workshop isn’t your single ticket to conflict management excellence and we don’t expect you to go back after two days and get it all right, all of the time. Bottom line—as great as the workshop is, like any training, when you return to work, you will have additional questions, and you might encounter a challenge in applying all you learned.

    That’s why, for the first time ever, when you register for the workshop, you get two live, group coaching sessions INCLUDED with your registration! These two sessions give you direct and personal access to Master Trainer & Coach, Guy Harris, for one full hour per session, after you return from the workshop, to help you master the strategies and techniques you learn in the workshop.

    With group coaching, you’ll have access to:

    • Answers to your most pressing questions.
    • Advice on your stickiest situations.
    • Advice on implementing your ideas and plans more successfully.
    • An opportunity to share successes.
    • Confirmation that what you are planning to try will work.
    • Valuable learning opportunities from the questions & challenges of others in the group.
  • Your Presenter Guy Harris

    Guy Harris

    Guy Harris

    Master Trainer & Coach

    Guy draws on more than 20 years of combined professional and military experience when he consults, coaches, or trains in the areas of team and interaction dynamics, communication strategies and tactics, and emotional intelligence.

    Prior to becoming a trainer and coach, Guy served as a Nuclear Engineering Officer in the US Navy Submarine Force, and he worked in leadership positions in both large and small business environments.

    Typical client concerns prior to working with Guy are: forging a team from a group of individuals, moving a team past the conflict stage of team development, developing other leaders, expanding personal influence within the organization, communicating more effectively, and developing buy-in for new programs and processes.

    With experience and training in technical disciplines and his further training in, and practical application of, human behavior and motivation principles, his unique skills consist of quickly connecting the technical and task accomplishment necessities of business operations with the human factors that often limit rapid implementation and results.

    In other words, he helps you understand – and work through – the reasons why your relationships are getting in the way of getting things done.

    Guy has both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Chemical Engineering. He was a qualified Engineering Department head in the U.S. Navy. He is a Master Trainer and Coach in the DISC Model of Human Behavior, and a Workplace Conflict Resolution expert.

  • FAQs

    What is your cancellation/substitution policy?

    For our workshop programs, you may transfer to a future session, send someone to take your place or cancel without penalty at any time up to three weeks prior to the event. If you provide The Kevin Eikenberry Group with less than three weeks notice, or fail to attend, you will be responsible for the entire registration fee.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed — We pride ourselves on being your Leadership Help Button and we want to ensure that you are 100% delighted with everything we do. Every workshop is backed with our guarantee of complete satisfaction. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the training, we’ll refund your entire registration fee. No questions asked. Guaranteed.

    What is included with my registration?

    Your registration gives you access to all workshop sessions, including handout materials distributed on-site. Coffee, tea and water will be provided in the morning and cookies will be provided in the afternoon. All meals are on your own.

    What should I wear?

    Casual business attire is appropriate. Hotel room temperatures often vary so you may want to dress in layers.

    Is there a discount if I register multiple employees?

    When you send three or more people from your organization to a workshop and provide a single payment, you may deduct $100 from each registration. Call customer service at 317-759-3171 to register and receive your discounted registration.

    What are the payment options?

    Credit Card: You can bill the workshop to a corporate or personal credit card through online registration or by calling customer service at 317-387-1424, extension 2.

    Invoice: The Kevin Eikenberry Group will send a bill directly to you or your company. To request an invoice, please call customer service at 317-387-1424, extension 2.

  • Testimonials for Guy Harris & Conflict Confidence

    The most effective and enjoyable workshop I have attended in my career (out of approximately 30 training workshops).

    Got to take Conflict Confidence with Guy this week…it was outstanding. I wish I could have taken the class when I first became a supervisor. Some of the lessons I already knew from learning the hard way! I also learned things about myself that I wasn’t aware of.

    - Jason Clark, Laboratory Supervisor, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP

    Guy really knows his stuff. He’s engaging, thought provoking, funny. I’ve been managing people for years and I gained numerous insights into how I can be doing what I do better.

    - Laurie Worral, University Director

    Guy Harris is the best, the most interesting management instructor I have had the privilege to sit under! He is inspiring and gracious and over all nice.

    - Patricia Edwards, Business Manager

    Guy Harris has valuable experiences to share and stories that made the information easier to understand and digest. Providing real life examples enhanced the training and provided easy references to make connections.

    - Paola Veras, CUNY / York College

    I really learned a lot from the course and feel the information and guidance I received can be applied immediately to situations at work. Guy [Harris] was a great presenter and I enjoyed his presentation!

    - Margery Fox, Pearson eCollege

    From my experience attending seminars, the speaker makes or breaks the experience. Guy [Harris] did a great job discussing relevant information, and applying it to practical situations.

    - Jordan Robinson, Davis Graham & Stubbs

    Valuable experience. I learned a lot of things that I can take back to my office. Guy [Harris] is a great facilitator. He relates well and is really knowledgeable.

    - Latisha R. Tyler, Morton’s Steakhouse

    Mr. Guy Harris was/is a wonderful instructor with loads of information. I was very pleased with his speaking ability and how he made it a very exciting class.

    - Heriberto Morrelli, Jr., Swinomish Casino

    I like how Guy [Harris] shares personal experiences of stories. It really helps me understand and relate so that I can put the information into effect in my own life. Also, I like how he has us do group activities and participate, but he does not put us on the spot.

    - Jan (Buzz) van der Voorl, Warehouse Demo Services

    Enjoyed the stories and scenarios that Guy (Harris) gave to us. He was very confident and educated, and I totally trust his training expertise.

    - Jessica O. Elvir, Finance Center Federal Credit Union

    Guy is a very informative and helping person. I am new to my role, and this seminar opened my eyes to the ‘personal’ side of running a team.

    - Joe Varela, CL Refrigeration

    Guy [Harris] always has a story to help drive home the true meaning and understanding of discussion points.

    - Diana Adams, Farm Bureau Financial Services

    Guy [Harris] is a wealth of knowledge who connects well with his audience.

    - Ed Porter, Flanner & Buchanan Funeral Centers

    Guy (Harris) was very knowledgeable and can see leadership examples in more than ‘office’ events. Guy was absolutely prepared and answered every question professionally! He helped take topics I have heard and studied to new levels. I was able to view them from new perspectives. I am excited to take it all back and implement it.

    - Dana Sellers, University of Dayton

    Guy [Harris] was experienced and able to convey the concepts and material in the course in an effective way that connected with people.

    - Brad Morse, Digital Globe

    Guy [Harris] presented the material in a way that was fun – and was able to answer any question.

    - Brent Shaben, Epcor Transmission

    The teaching style of Guy [Harris] is great. He is realistic, down to earth, approachable and provides real life scenarios that I can apply to situations. I got a lot out of this course.

    - Abigail Henry, Straumann USA