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Our Upcoming Teleseminars

  • September 25: Communicating with Emotional Intelligence

    You’ll learn how to tap into your Emotional Intelligence helping you to get enhanced cooperation from your team, learn how to overcome difficult behaviors and discover strategies to improve your relationships – resulting in a happier home, workplace and YOU.

  • September 30: But I Might Need It Someday

    In this teleseminar, you’ll get practical techniques that you can use immediately to gain control over your day. Register for the teleseminar and take productivity and efficiency the rule instead of the exception.

  • October 1: Personal Accountability Starts Here

    Learn a practical framework for improving personal accountability, to help you be more successful in accomplishing what matters most, get more done and realize your full leadership potential.

  • October 16: Overworked & Overwhelmed

    Sharing insights from his newest book, Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative, Scott will explain why leadership requires being present and offer simple but powerful steps you can take right away to reclaim your life.