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Our Upcoming Teleseminars

  • July 24: Communicating for Results

    In this teleseminar, you’ll learn the communication strategies to help you tailor your communication tactics to fit different people and different situations to consistently produce the results you want with every conversation.

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  • July 30: Sustaining High-Performing Teams

    In this powerful 60-minute teleseminar you will gain the tools and information you need to sustain the success and significance you want from the team you have.

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  • August 7: A Drama-Free Office

    The Drama-Free Office is a powerful teleseminar where you’ll gain the awareness, skills, and courage to address drama proactively, and achieve greater collaboration and productivity in your organization. You’ll learn how to identify each personality and get proven tools for defusing the drama, including which ones to use with each specific personality.

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  • August 13: From Bud to Boss

    Join Guy Harris and learn the top 6 management skills for first-time supervisors.

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