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Our Upcoming Teleseminars

  • August 27: Becoming the Boss You Wish You Had

    Whether this is your first go-round in a supervisory role, or you’ve been in a leadership role for a while (and have the sinking feeling that you’re the topic of conversation – and not in a good way), this teleseminar will help you build solid relationships and connections with the people you lead!

  • September 4: No More Meeting Madness

    In this teleseminar, you will gain the skills of being an effective meeting facilitator. With the strategies & concepts you'll learn, your meetings will begin to have real impact.

  • September 9: Influence with Impact

    In this 60-minute teleseminar, communication expert and master trainer, Guy Harris, will teach you how to communicate with specific, powerful tactics that lead to better persuasion, negotiation and ultimately influence.

  • September 25: Communicating with Emotional Intelligence

    You'll learn how to tap into your Emotional Intelligence helping you to get enhanced cooperation from your team, learn how to overcome difficult behaviors and discover strategies to improve your relationships – resulting in a happier home, workplace and YOU.